Saturday, April 17, 2004

The Strategy Behind the Mistakes 

Although it appears that we arrived at this unfortunate state of affairs due to a series of hamfisted mistakes, consider for a moment the possibility that everything is going according to plan.

Years before Bush was elected, the neocons devised a comprehensive strategy designed to use America's resources to radically change the world--America included--in a relatively short period of time. The philosophy behind their foreign policy is already common knowledge, but it would be foolish to assume that there's nothing more to their strategy. We're dealing with world-class thinkers and social manipulators, who, I believe, know exactly what they're doing.

At his 4/13/4 press conference, Bush's performance as the global village's idiot was surreal. It's not every day that one gets to see a dummy "acting the part" of idiot.

The audacity of the neocon strategy makes it difficult to unravel, mostly because of the "official" cover it operates under. The legitimacy of the U.S. government--which presumably is the lynchpin of social order--is held hostage for the right to operate with impunity. No questions asked. It follows then that any effort to investigate the truth can be labeled as treason because of the implied threat posed to the stability of American society--especially during times of war. In order to fully realize the freedom to act with impunity, and because its real designs are morally indefensible, the Bush administration is effectively terrorizing the American people into compliance. George Will wrote recently about America's need to establish a "monopoly on violence" in Iraq. In America, the neocons are working hard to establish a monopoly on coercion.

Their strategy works by putting the American people beyond the point of no return, through a series of calculated "mistakes" that are seemingly more painful to correct than further exploit. In the case of Iraq, we're torn between retreating--and risk provoking a wider war in the Middle East, or continue the occupation and risk provoking a wider war in the Middle East. Either way, the neocons win. It doesn't matter to them that their reasons for invading Iraq are morally indefensible, because they're betting that in the end, they'll be the "last ones standing," and history will be theirs to write.

Only if Kerry wins the election will Americans be able to begin correcting the deliberate mistakes of the neoconservatives. Until then, we're stuck with their mad, mad, mad, mad world-bending strategy.

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