Saturday, May 15, 2004

The course is a curse, of course, of course... 

As a consequence of their savage wisdom, the neoconservatives have maneuvered themselves into having to pretend to be the champions of liberal internationalism. The problem is that they know less about internationalism than they do about liberalism, and they demonstrate equal contempt for both. If the consequences of their actions were not tragic, it would be pleasing to contemplate such a magnificent irony.

They have the option to admit failure and call for help. Or, they can "stay the course."

I would bet that they'll "stay the course," because they have too much invested in the "course." And of course, getting off the "course" entails accepting responsibility for their failures. Unfortunately, their failures include a collection of acts that are criminal by almost every standard. Because of this, they'll let the "course" lure them to the precipice--where it ends naturally.

Let's hope they don't drag us all over the edge.

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