Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The Vision Thing 

Not to pick on David Brooks, but his tribute to Reagan in today's NYT gives me the opportunity to mention one of the most sublime truths about neoconservatism: it is a movement produced, directed, and performed by traitors to liberalism. Without deviant liberals to lead the bloody way, conservatives would be hopelessly lost. It proves that for people with low standards--a rotten vision is better than no vision.

Brooks writes:

"Once it was liberals who rhapsodized about progress. Even stoic Woodrow Wilson once exulted: 'Progress! No word comes more often or more naturally to the lips of modern man, as if the things it stands for were almost synonymous with life itself.' But since Reagan's time, it sometimes appears that liberals and conservatives have traded places."

Reagan's Promised Land
By David Brooks

Traded places? You think? Nah...

Speaking of Reagan, his funeral is starting to resemble Lenin's funeral; fitting tribute--for the last great usurper of the 20th century.

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