Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Plan B 

Republican royals are slowly realizing that there isn't much tolerance in this country for right-wing agendas. They know that their precious party might not survive their chosen "uniter" - the Knave of Crawford - who has the Midas touch in reverse.

With the Republican Party gone, who will be left to defend the big guy?

Well, America's favorite big guy - of course. You weren't expecting them to fold, were you?

In their September issue, Wired magazine declares "rage against the machine," and tries to explain "why Arnold (and not the two other guys) is the future of American politics."

Here's the premise for the article, titled "The New American Idol":

"Politics as usual? Hasta la vista, baby. The radical center has flexed its muscle in California, short-circuiting the parties and going direct to the people. Now it could sweep the nation."

Golly gee, Mr. Goopers, do you really think it'll sweep the nation? You think the suckers will buy it? Right up the center, Mr. Goopers?

That's why you're the boss, Mr. Goopers - you think of everything.

I'm just kidding, Mr. Goopers. We both know you're an asshole.

You did help me learn a valuable lesson though. I learned that in the future, I'll have to be more judicious with the toilet reading I select with my frequent flyer miles.

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