Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Walls of Perception 

My life's circumstances have put me in a unique position to observe the more nuanced aspects of human nature. It was never my intention to arrive here, at these exact coordinates, although it feels sometimes like the fulfillment of an artist's compulsion to explore perspectives. To be sure, the reason for my unusual path through life is more complex than just that -- in its entirety perhaps more than I'm capable of understanding. But I concentrate on the perspectives here because they have a value outside of myself.

What would you think if I told you that I have a special ability? It's nothing supernatural, mind you, although it can pack quite a metaphysical punch. As I mentioned, it wasn't my intention to acquire this ability; to that I'll add that it's usually not to my advantage to exercise it -- the results can be costly.

As a younger mariposa, I experimented -- perhaps a bit too much -- with my special ability. Now it's something that I give as a gift for friendship, although I'm not above playing occasionally for delicious kicks.

As a gift to the readers of this blog I offer the following observation from my bag of kicks.

Men flower when they overcome irrational fears.

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