Thursday, September 02, 2004

Deprogramming America 

Are you worried by the incongruity between the "close race" portrayed by the "objective" news media and mounting evidence to the contrary that you encounter on a daily basis? If so, here are some thoughts to bear in mind.

It is beyond question that the media has the power to influence the outcome of an election. It happens all the time. But the media is rarely in the position of being able to decide a presidential election, as is the case this time. Due to the nature of the circumstances, the weight of responsibility that goes with this power is staggering. Try to imagine what would happen at this point in time if the media devoted itself to reporting the truth about our domestic situation.

How would the rest of the world act upon learning that our nation is nearly crippled due to the criminally cancerous cult of "conservatism?"

What would be the reaction of the 40-50 million cultists scattered throughout the country?

How would the rest of the nation react to such news?

The media is forced to walk a tightrope between the chaos it is capable of unleashing, and appearing to endorse a malignant power structure that threatens its industry as much as it threatens practically everything it comes in contact with.

The truth will come out because civilization demands it - but not at the expense of stability. It's becoming apparent that Bush will lose the election by a decisive margin, but he won't go down in flames. And neither will the Republican Party.

George W. Bush won't go down in flames because he's attached to too many things that the nation can't afford to burn. Take comfort in the knowledge that history will give him no such immunity.

His cult won't go down in flames because it controls more than enough assets to stay in the game. You may have noticed that it's currently undergoing a calculated metamorphosis formulated to appeal to future voters. But the truth will come out little by little, and that doesn't bode well for the Republican Party - or for the people it managed to buy.

As she liberates herself from the cult's influence, America will gradually regain her sanity.

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