Saturday, November 20, 2004

A History of Alarms 

(Or - Deep Sleepers and the Alarming People Who Use Them)

I was alarmed...

I am alarmed because...

Can you think of any "alarms" that I didn't list? I'm sure you can. With the Radical Republican Right it's one alarm after another. Why does it take so many alarms to wake some people? Perhaps they don't realize that the next one that goes off may not be an alarm.

When criminals are running the show, anything can happen. Some criminals - the most dangerous - will do anything to avoid justice. They commit one crime after another until they're in so deep that only a mountain of corpses can keep them from drowning.

"1 national emergency away from..."

It's a fearful thought under any circumstances. Under the present circumstances, it's a terrifying thought.

Right wing movements are nightmares.

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