Tuesday, November 09, 2004

What's it worth? 

The working assumption among Neocons is that Liberals are too decent and accommodating - therefore too weak - to fight back. They claim that Liberalism by its very nature encourages capitulation to more determined - and less principled - forces.

"If you don't believe us," they say, "look how fast we brought them to their knees. How can they defend this country if they can't defend their vaunted values? Osama Hussein doesn't fight fair either, and if we lose to him, we're truly fucked."

The Neocons aren't too far off the mark - despite being irredeemable homicidal psychopaths. If we can't defend ourselves from our domestic adversaries, how will we defend ourselves from an enemy like Al-Qaeda?

It looks like they're within striking distance of proving their point. Tragically, they're also within striking distance of causing irreparable harm to this country. The solutions they offer are worse than the problems. (What else can one expect from irredeemable homicidal psychopaths?) If three years of "catastrophic successes" and two stolen elections aren't enough to convince Liberals to take a stand, then perhaps Liberal values aren't worth much after all. The time has come for us to acknowledge the severity of our predicament. The world is watching, and most of it is rooting for us.

Interesting times make exceptional people, and over the last few years, the Liberal community has become a hotbed of exceptional people. It's not happening on the Right. Take that as a good sign.

I'll leave you for now with a quote attributed to Sun Tzu:

"Know yourself and you will win all battles."

Introspection happens to be one of our strengths.

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