Friday, December 24, 2004


Love is the only thing as precious as life itself, and it can't be bought or sold.

That must be maddening for people that don't accept its value. They spend their lives undermining it because they can't accept that something so precious cannot be commanded to do their bidding. They can't use love to further their interests, but they can prevent it from working against them.

The battle between good and evil is over the value of love. According to "good," a person's actions should be guided by love. According to "evil," love is an illusion, so a person's actions should be guided by the will to power.

Some people like to think that life is simply about survival. They make every decision as if nature had a knife at their throats. Perhaps nature does have a knife at their throats. Perhaps they're so desperate to "survive" because they recognize that their survival gear is obsolete. After all, they're the ones that feel they have to undo civilization, and manipulate people into going against their nature, in order to create the very specific and unnatural conditions required to support their "primacy."

Looking at the span of our history, it becomes apparent that despite the will to evil, the influence of love has steadily increased. It's reasonable to assume that this trend will continue. And it's reasonable to conclude that it represents a crucial aspect of human evolution.

It appears that the meek are inheriting the earth little by little. Although I like to think that we're not actually inheriting it; we're paying for it with love.

Morality & Ethics 

The right wing has owned the "values" issue for so long - stole it so long ago - that most liberals/progressives genuinely believe that it belongs to them. This is arguably their greatest coup: to effectively neutralize progressivism's organizing principle and turn us into economic plan salesmen. While we were struggling to compete with them on their turf, the right wing co-opted the "values" issue entirely and used it with heartless precision to divide the nation and conquer the government.

Now we find ourselves in a situation where the immoral define and represent morals, the unethical define and represent ethics, and the valueless define and represent "values." (This is what reality looks like when it's strung out on evil.)

The people responsible for this mother of all "catastrophic successes" have very narrow interests that don't include morals or ethics. As a matter of fact, these things are anathema to their interests. But they know that people won't respect - let alone accept - authority when it's devoid of moral and ethical constraints. This is their big dilemma, and it will lead to their undoing.

The unprincipled choice is to undermine and attempt to redefine "values" in order to make them practically worthless - which is what they're in the process of doing. The problem is that this only creates a dissonant "reality" that can't be maintained indefinitely because of its inherent unreliability and lack of integrity. The dissonance either fades, or it openly declares war against reality. At this point in our predicament it can go either way.

The "new reality" hucksters were correct about one thing: "values" were a deciding factor in this election. We won because of "values." We recognized the threat to our "values." We're fighting to prevent them from euthanizing our "values." They don't want us to know this because it will lead to them losing the only issue that gives them the appearance of legitimacy. They're making such a strident effort to paint the opposite picture because they're scared and desperate.

We need to take this issue back; it's ours. Until we re-ignite progressivism's organizing principle, our efforts will lack the focus necessary to defeat the dissonance that threatens to murder reality.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Testing Reality 

Our flabby fascists think that they're clever enough to effectively negate the value of reality. What they don't realize is that they're actually just testing reality, and proving and increasing its value in the process. They're also proving how worthless they are.

They've chosen to turn themselves into objects of ridicule like their vanquished foe - Baghdad Bob.

Now that the totalitarian tits are out in the open, there's no reason to keep giving them the benefit of the doubt. Now it's clear that we're not facing "just another opinion." Now that the world of decent people knows who they are, their lives are ruined. Their movement is ruined. The deception is over.

Of course, they'll attempt to slay reality in a desperate bid to save themselves, but that won't work either; it'll just increase the magnitude of their crime.

They thought they were clever enough to trick us into surrendering centuries of progress.

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