Wednesday, June 15, 2005

As many times as we allow it. 

The 20th century wasn't very kind to radical right wing ideologues. Among the many righteous indignities they suffered, the worst insult was being forced to join their mortal enemies - the "commies" and socialists - in the annihilation of the Reich wing dream.

They've been intent on revenge ever since. They say that they want the 21st century to be the American century. What they really mean is that they want it to be their century.

They don't understand that despite their most expensive efforts, the future won't be kind to them either. Four years down and it's obvious that they have nothing new to offer humanity. One of these days, people are going to stop falling for the right wing lie.

In a way, politics is a contest over stupid people: liberals win by educating and empowering them; the Right wins by making sure they stay stupid.

How many more times will the Right be able to repackage and sell the same old festering shit?

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