Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Right and Wrong 

The Bush administration isn't interested in doing the right thing. It's only concerned with the Right thing, even if it poisons us all.

Just when this country desperately needs competent leaders, it gets a conspiracy of malicious scumbags instead. The timing is remarkable and the prescription couldn't be more toxic.

If they weren't so dangerous, their surreal charade would be humorous. It's like a grand burlesque with neofascists in "freedom" drag - out to conquer the world one dunderheaded fuck-up at a time... you know the story.

Anyway, I'm left wondering what it is that makes some people so unbelievably wrong. Imagine having the responsibility to lead the free world in a time of crisis. Would you do the wrong things on purpose, expecting to get the right results? Would you turn such an awesome responsibility into an ideologically driven crime spree? Would you shit on everything decent like these ass-clowns are doing?

I guess some people just don't get it. They can't do things the right way because they don't know how or why. They don't know how to unite and inspire people because their understanding of humanity is as superficial as their "vision thing." They don't know how to earn the affection of the public because they don't like people. They're unaware of what it is they need to do because they don't understand where we've been. They don't understand the problems we face because the only problem they're interested in is the one that prevents them from having more power.

Just when we need real leaders...

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