Thursday, July 07, 2005

Coming Out 

It's strangely comforting to see that the criminals responsible for this affront to humanity are starting to take their masks off; they're finally starting to tell the truth about their intentions. The spectacle is somewhat comforting because it's not part of their plan; they intended to fool us indefinitely.

Instead, the consequences of their actions have forced them to resort to the truth. They're not coming out because they're secure in the situation. They're doing it because it's the only option they have left. So they're saying things like:

"Yeah, we're amoral savages. We all are. That's the way the world works. Get over it. Learn to revel in it."

But it's only comforting in the sense that we're getting closer to a confrontation that has been looming for years. We're approaching the moment of maximum polarity, when it'll become absolutely clear where people stand. How the confrontation goes depends in large part on the criminals and the strength of their convictions. So they're probably thinking things like:

"We painted ourselves into the amoral savage corner, and amoral savages do whatever it takes to stay on top. How far are we willing to go?"

How amoral are our treacherous neofascist countrymen?


This morning's attacks on London illustrate a serious problem that amoral savages face: when horrible things happen, people suspect them first. It's only natural.

We know that they believe in lying, torturing, and murdering to achieve their goals. We know that among their new allies are some of the most unsavory people imaginable. And the timing...

How amoral are our treacherous neofascist countrymen? Are they capable of ordering a hit on an ally? Are they capable of doing it to us?

I think they are, although perhaps there are different shades of amoral savagery and I simply don't have enough experience to distinguish between them.

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