Friday, July 22, 2005

The Original Leftist Nation 

Considering that the U.S.A. ushered in the age of freedom, liberty, equality, justice, and human rights, and in its brief history did more than any other nation to advance those ideas, it's downright tragic that it has become the weapon to permanently render them powerless. The irony is excruciating.

Fascists failed in the 20th century because this country wasn't under their control. It is now. The world is next, and like they're doing to the local competition, they are forcing their geopolitical adversaries to bend or fight.

The neofascists have no intention of relinquishing power because they will never have an opportunity like this again. All of their assets are in place and they've already sailed past the point of no return. This is the one - their so-called "war on terror" is just the beginning of the ideological war to end all ideological wars.

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