Monday, July 18, 2005

Will the real fascists please stand up? 

I get the distinct impression that our neo-furry friends get bummed out when they're referred to as fascists. Who can blame them? After all, everyone knows that fascism is the undisputed heavyweight champion of discredited and reviled ideologies.

They refer to their Muslim enemies using labels like "Islamo-fascist" because they know that fascism is the lowest of the low. (And besides, "Islamo-commie" is more inaccurate and just sounds silly.) But more important, their use of the "fascist" label is an attempt to control it; if they can make the label stick to their enemies, they think that it won't stick to them. After all, who would believe that the "war on terror" is a fascist versus fascist horror show?

Their Muslim enemies can be mistaken for fascists from a distance, but they're not fascists; the societies they come from are the real thing - as in the olde tyme when men were men "conservative" ideal that fascists are such suckers for. Think Saudi Arabia...

Our neo-fanged friends are the only fascists in this tawdry geopolitical reality. Don't let them fool you.

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