Saturday, July 30, 2005

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The U.S.A. is teetering on the brink of financial ruin because it can't afford the gluttonous, culturally worthless, predatory lifestyle that corresponds to a perversion of the American system that rightists have been refining for decades.

The Democrats are either compromised, or too afraid - because of the magnitude of the problem - to do anything about it.

The mainstream media belongs to the rightists.

The U.S.A. invaded Iraq primarily for one reason: oil - the natural resource that promises to erase the national debt, give the U.S. a strategic advantage over its geopolitical rivals, and keep the "American dream" running. That they have to lie, rob, subjugate, torture, and murder on behalf of this "dream" is apparently a secondary concern to our brutish "leaders."

Terrorism is the predictable blowback from decades of ruthless, oppressive geopolitics.

When our petulant president warned world leaders to the effect of "you're either with us, or you're against us," he meant: Either you support everything his mob does to maintain their gluttonous, culturally worthless, predatory lifestyle, or, you're dead.

Superimpose on this already vulgar picture the ascendancy of neofascist sociopaths with global blueprints, and add an army of frightened, angry, resentful, and woefully misguided franchise christians.

It's a dire predicament we're in, and we must continue to fight and resist the poisonous, coercive hand of this treacherous leadership. If you have a conscience, you have no choice.

Now, I would like to make you smile, if you don't mind.

Rightists see every problem as a nail in search of a hammer. Everyone knows that. But do you know why they're so fond of hammers?

Because hammers are easy to use, and, they're inexpensive. You can get a whole bag of them for about $100.

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