Monday, August 22, 2005

Disguising a Geopolitical Rapist 

One of the benefits of reading a wide variety of opinions on a daily basis is that one can see how ideas, "frames," and attitudes originate and develop within the pool of human thought. The process is fluid, organic, prismatic, and reactive; to see how it works makes for some interesting observations. It can also encourage one to be a more judicious and effective "painter."

Have you noticed that the Bush administration's language regarding its "noble" cause and "savage" enemies is strikingly similar to the language that progressives use to describe their cause and adversaries? It's not a coincidence. The administration's operatives mine the progressive community for the most compelling narratives to fool the American public with. It's an immoral, shameless farce, but that's all the rightists have. That they're reduced to plagiarizing descriptions of themselves and what they're doing is pathetic, but it's also a testament to the effectiveness of what progressives are communicating.

It's a truism that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Usually, flattery isn't worth much, but this is one compliment that progressives should enjoy.

The Bush administration uses language that it's incapable of doing justice to, and that will become apparent to more people as time progresses. It costumes itself to appear civilized, but it can't permanently hide the naked, grunting, sweaty criminal underneath.

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