Monday, August 29, 2005

Dubya's Kitchen 

This penchant you have for promoting shitty, undeserving people - it's a sign of a shitty, undeserving leader. Every tyrant throughout history has done the same thing. You offer the wretches a legitimacy that they're not entitled to because you need their support to enforce your claim to legitimacy. Of course, you - as a tyrant - misunderstand the nature of legitimacy. Your egregious violations of human nature demonstrate a basic misapprehension of said nature.

Instead of empowering the wretches in the way that Jesus did, you inflame their savage passions and reward their ignorance. Your approach is more akin to Hitler's. He put the worst people in charge of the best people, just like you're doing. I imagine that you fancy yourself as being more intelligent and civilized than Hitler, and that you can keep your unleashed dogs under control better than he did. For the sake of the America you claim to love, I hope you're smart enough and decent enough to keep a lid on it until it's your time to step down.

But I know that it won't stop when you step down. Thanks to you, millions of shitty, undeserving people in this country are now convinced that they're entitled to lord over the rest of us. That's a serious problem that has to be addressed. The U.S.A. can't afford to be dominated by the anti-science, anti-intellect, morally perverted machinations of "faith-based" pimps.

Thanks to you and your ministers of moral relativity, rancid spiritual gruel is the plate of the day. What an unsavory, degraded state of affairs indeed.

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