Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Learning to Fly 

I'm fairly certain that some of my readers come here to look at their grotesque reflections. The following story is for the people that come here for a glimpse of their inner beauty.

I had a dream once that I was standing in a crowd. I couldn't see anyone because it was too dark, but I could feel their presence. It felt like everyone in the world was there. After contemplating the situation - which led to the realization that I was dreaming - I decided to fly.

I gathered all of my energy in the center of my being, and lifted myself slowly. As I rose, I noticed that I was generating a faint light, and I started to see the shapes of the people standing below me. The higher I rose, the more people I saw, until I was able to see a mass of humanity extending beyond the horizon in every direction.

At first no one noticed me. I wanted to be noticed.

"Why isn't anyone watching?" I asked myself. "Is flying an ordinary thing? And the light - am I the only one that can see it?"

So I launched myself to just beyond the atmosphere, and launched myself back to earth, stopping instantly before reaching the ground.

People noticed something, but they went back to doing what they were doing.

"That's strange," I thought, "I got their attention, but they reacted like it was something familiar. Perhaps they thought it was lightning or something."

Then I noticed that I was generating more light, and that a few people were watching me. That made me feel wonderful.

"Watch this."

I danced with the wind and the stars.

It must have been as beautiful as it felt, because it made people want to fly. At first, there were only a few. But gradually, the sky filled with dancing people. And that was when I noticed that it wasn't dark anymore. The dancers generated enough light to see a smile from across the globe.

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