Monday, August 01, 2005

The Real Thing 

You are the only adversary that the rightists fear, because only you have the power to stop them. If you haven't noticed yet, you should know that they're waging a massive psychological war against you. The goal of this perfidious war is to mislead, confuse, and exhaust you - while they dismantle the legal and ethical framework that is the source of your power over them.

Like the 9/11 hijackers, the rightists are using the cover of America's free and trusting society to manipulate its people.

It's not just the mainstream media. You can be sure that the progressive community (especially on the Internet) is crawling with their agents. In addition, the rightist megalomaniacs have "fronts" on the left that protect their interests. These fronts have been useful to them in the long term as vehicles to move the country toward the right. Under the current circumstances, they are becoming more important to the rightists' strategy. Given their control of the media, I'm not surprised that they're vigorously promoting these fronts and busy devising new ones.

I'm painfully aware that this knowledge can lead to a negative result. We must be aware and vigilant without letting it degenerate into paranoia and indiscriminate internecine combat. I recommend that we deal with this in a thoughtful, fair, and quiet manner. Know that in the end, it's who and what we support that counts. Without our support or attention, the intruders will fall away or be reduced to flailing madly for all to see.

How can one spot a con? It can be difficult because it requires attention, patience, restraint, and intuition. The best advice I can give you is to let your conscience and good nature guide you.

You may have already arrived at the realization that the adversity is helping you become a better person by making you focus on the things that are truly important. Perhaps you've also realized deep in your soul what it means to be a virtuous human being, and realized that fear is something you can hold in your hand. If you haven't yet, that's what I want for you.

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