Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Telling the Truth 

In the months immediately before and after the 2004 election, my policy was to concentrate my fire on Republicans and avoid hitting Democrats. My reasoning was that given the circumstances, a show of unity was the best way to defeat the Republican menace. I appears that John F. Kerry won the election and the Republicans stole it. The Democrats won the election despite having no distinctive vision, and a campaign that amounted to little more than "anyone but Bush." They lost the power struggle because leaders without a distinctive vision usually don't have much in the way of conviction. They seem willing to let the Republicans get away with stealing the election, despite knowing what it means to all of us, because they know deep inside that their alternative is only slightly better than what the Republicans offer.

I don't know how you feel, but I find it next to impossible to get excited about mediocrity - especially when the mediocrity in question is based on rules established by its competition. For example: the Democrats' fascination with promoting candidates who served in the armed forces is, in my opinion, wrongheaded, disingenuous, embarrassing, and potentially disastrous. For more examples look at the measured poses they offer for issues that were once considered to be important liberal issues - like civil rights, and quality of life for working people.

Conservatives worked hard for decades to shift the entire political establishment to the right. They succeeded because they knew what they were doing. They knew what they were doing because they had a vision that was irresistible to them. So they made plans, and carried them out. I'm using the past tense because their big adventure has a shelf life, and it's about ready to expire. The first rule of visions is that in the end, there are only 2 kinds: the kind that keeps, and the kind that doesn't. It's ironic that conservatives have a tendency to hatch visions that can't be "conserved." In addition to being ironic, this tendency is insane. It's obvious that we can't afford their harebrained schemes anymore. The waste and destruction are much too costly.

Here we have a group with a long and illustrious record of morally bankrupt visions,(re)writing the rules, and a group that hasn't had a vision in 40 years, eager to show how well it can play the (new) game. It's pathetic, and heartbreaking. One thing about government that some people don't seem to understand is that ultimately, people pay for it with trust. When trust runs out, the government is bankrupt. Now more than ever, the American people need a lovely, noble vision that won't spoil, because trust is running low.

Fortunately, our society was founded on a lovely, noble vision. And really, all it needs is progress.

The Republicans are trading our unfinished skyscraper for a deluxe shotgun shack. And the Democrats are diligently discussing strategies for the next slaughter, that will be diligently ignored by the Republicans.

The Democratic leadership is clueless. Allow me to say that another way.

The Democratic leadership doesn't know what it's doing. Now I'd like to rephrase that one last time - this time for the benefit of the Democratic leadership.

You, my friends, need a miracle. I know where you can find one, but I think you're too afraid to go there and get it. I would get it for you if I could, but it's not something that one person can manage. I can give you directions though. This is how you get there:

Start by telling the truth and the rest should become apparent.

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