Friday, September 16, 2005

Judging America's Integrity 

I'm amused by the profoundly racist notion that only white protestant (presumably conservative) people have the temperament for liberal democratic principles. If the last five years demonstrate anything, it's that people who believe this nonsense aren't as good at liberal democracy as they think they are.

Look, folks, they're ideas, and anyone can use them. They don't belong to you. Liberty doesn't belong to you; justice doesn't belong to you; democracy doesn't belong to you. These ideas don't belong to you any more than the theory of relativity belongs to the Jewish people.

Ideas can't be owned, but they can be preserved, explored, and embodied. Science works because of the community of caretakers and explorers that are dedicated to preserving and exploring scientific ideas. In order to preserve and explore these ideas successfully, scientists rely on objective standards that serve as reliable measures of things like credibility, legitimacy, and progress. If one applies these high standards to political ideas, one has to conclude that America's leaders are in the process of discrediting and ruining the experiment. It's an important experiment, but it's not as unique and important as it used to be. The ideas can always be scooped up and brought back to life by people who are more willing to honor them.

It's all about being true to what you espouse; that's where credibility, legitimacy, and progress come from - certainly not from the barrel of a gun. The amazing thing is that America's foolish leaders actually believe that they can force people to accept their insulting renditions of truly honorable principles.

You represent liberty, justice, and democracy? You must be kidding.

By what authority, "full spectrum" military dominance?

Fuck you.

There goes your credibility, legitimacy, and progress. It's a shame, because scientifically speaking, you had a nifty experiment that showed a lot of promise, until you decided to turn it into a bomb. The U.S.A. is not what it was 5 years ago, and you are definitely not what you say you are.

I'll tell you what white protestant (presumably conservative) people have the temperament for. Aw, forget it.

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