Friday, February 03, 2006

Hanging America by the Loopholes 

Any "realist" worth his or her salt will tell you that nations don't have morals, only interests. It is the prevailing philosophy of power, as it has been throughout most of human history.

As a humanist and idealist, I'll tell you that if you want justice and peace on Earth, this paradigm is precisely what you need to help change. Here it is again, by itself; take a good look at it:

Nations don't have morals, only interests.

The Bush administration is not an anomaly. It is the distilled expression of a predatory, historically discredited philosophy of power that has been infecting American culture for decades.

Corporations don't have morals, only interests. Naturally, as chief executive officer of the corporation-nation America, George W. Cheney doesn't have morals, only interests.

It's no surprise to find a "culture of corruption" in such a corruptible culture. As long as people allow exceptions to the rule, they will be ruled by those exceptions. Here we are, ruled by "interested," immoral people doing "whatever it takes" to maintain and extend their power. Judging by their words and deeds and using history as a guide, it's reasonable to conclude that this "empire" has peaked (perhaps prematurely), and predict that it's headed for the precipice that swallows corrupt civilizations.

That's not to say that the situation is hopeless and decent people are powerless. On the contrary, the words and deeds of decent people are the only things keeping the situation somewhat civilized. Without the words and deeds of good people, we are at the mercy of people that have no moral restraints. Our hope and power resides in the words and deeds of good people.

The "conservative" cabal's vision of America is corrupt, oppressive, pernicious, and unsustainable. It is an affront to humanity and it will fail. Mark my words. In order to survive the fall, this civilization will have to reinvent itself. In order to avoid the fall, this civilization will have to reinvent itself, in good faith, starting now.

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