Thursday, February 09, 2006

Room to Muse 

While searching for a clearer perspective, I found a small room carved several miles high into the enormous barrier that divides yesterday from tomorrow. The room appeared empty, except for an old, dusty chair. I wiped off the dust and sat down.

It's lonely here, and I'm often overwhelmed by what I see, but the view is spectacular. From here I can see time almost as well as space.

Sometimes I feel that I'm not particularly well suited to be here. So I remind myself that I'm here for a reason - no doubt it takes a special relationship with reality to find this place, and to make sufficient sense of it. And I remind myself that I'm worthy of it, even if just barely.

The room has a function, a long history, and it has its own rules. What you read and see here is as much a product of the room as it is of me - perhaps more, now.

I can't tell you exactly what the room's function is, because I'm not certain yet. But I can tell you about the potential that's stored in abundance here. There's more than enough of it to recreate the world from scratch. I want you to know that, so you'll know we're not helpless and hopeless.

The room's history is evident in the names engraved in the walls. Most of them are in languages that I can't read. Among the names I can read, there are only a few that I recognize. There's space for mine but I hesitate.

L.A.K. - February 9, 2006

As for the room's rules, there's really only one: no graffiti. Oops.

I'm allowed to make you smile, but I'm prohibited from taking advantage of you, or the room. For what it's worth, I want you to know that for me, being here is an honor and a sacred duty.

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