Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Beep! Beep! 

If I were grading I would say Don Rumsfeld - the Wile E. Coyote of the torture and murder set ("old America") - deserves an "A" or an "A-plus" for operating heavy mental machinery without a clue.

Follow the special logic he uses:
  1. I am America.
  2. Opposition to America is terrorism.
  3. The battle of ideas that's taking place in the world today is between America and terrorism.
  4. America is losing that battle and deserves a "D" or a "D-plus."
Hey, slugger, you're losing a battle against your own warped conceptual construct. That's something that only happens to insane people, criminals, and cartoon villains. Your problem isn't in the quantity or quality of ideas available to you; your problem is in what you're trying to do with them. There is no "magic bullet" idea that will make the reality of your malevolence invisible to people.

In one ear, out the other...

Monday, March 20, 2006

Powerology Primer 

In order to properly evaluate and compare different types of power, four fundamental questions - measuring investment and return - must be answered for each type.

How much does it cost the bearer?

How much does it cost everyone else?

How does the bearer profit?

How does everyone else profit?

Some types of power are unreasonable, unjustifiable, unstable, and unsustainable. Other types exist in harmony with nature. My favorite Western archetype hallucination chamber, (the Sistine Chapel,) includes this timeless allegory of power:

Some types of power are precariously perched monstrosities. Other types are beautifully balanced, light, and accurate.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


The person in the lighthouse represents the transcendent archetype of Western civilization, and Homo sapiens.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sacrificing a Human Being 

Would you like to meet the people pulling your strings? I can't introduce them to you directly, but I can tell you where you can find them.

Take a look at their "globalist" experiment in Iraq: seizing and "privatizing" a country through "shock and awe." Look at the companies in attendance at the Great Iraq Auction, and follow their tentacles.

It appears that the Iraqi people are more averse than the American people to being dictated to from above and forced to auction public assets - and sacrifice private ones - to "multinational corporations." Of course, in America it's not happening at the point of a gun. Around here, life rocks as long as "we're #1." Let me tell you something, fellow citizen, the only list you should concern yourself with is the one that reads like a menu. On that list, Americans are indeed the costliest entree. Go ahead, wonder why.

There were so many reasons to "do" Iraq. It just hung there, like a ripe fruit waiting to be picked and consumed. It was too much for some people to resist. Now, with human blood on their faces, they know it wasn't mere fruit. They know the world is watching. And their minds are trapped by one question: Escalate or retreat? It must be hell to have to think like the devil.

It seems to me that most people don't quite understand what it means to die for the sins of others. Please allow me to explain it as I see it.

First, let's bring the concept out of death and into life. It's fair to say that countless people have lived and are living inferior lives, due to the sins of others. Ritual murder isn't a prerequisite of human sacrifice. Having to endure a lifetime of stunted potential, bondage, poverty, and pain is arguably the worst fate of all, especially in this day and age.

Now we can talk about death. How many people have died - willingly or unwillingly - for the sins of others? Who has time to count so many people?

History counts the ones that make an indelible mark on the human psyche. The ones we hold in highest regard share a special fate: malevolent power judged that it couldn't coexist with them. Among these hallowed people are those who dared their executioners to do it, in front of humanity and God.

"Don't you see what life and love are worth? I'll show you."

Among them is one who brought heaven and earth together, briefly. He had the power to turn powerful men into paupers.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Exorcising a Global Hurricane 

As undisputed (balancing) mediator of the world, my first challenge will be to mediate a compromise between the unholy alliance of ruthless preemptive privateers and delusional self-destructive globalists, and the other 99.9% of humanity.

If you're a member of the larger group, you should know that you won't get anywhere with any issue until you compel the smaller group to liberate itself from the profoundly flawed world vision that possesses it and consumes it along with everything in its path.

If you're a member of the smaller group, you should know that you won't get anywhere without help from the larger group. And you need a lot of help.

My beautiful parents taught me that the key to success is cleaning one's secular democratic meritocracy, punctually and on a daily basis. Families that don't teach this to their children often end up raising humanity's nemeses: undeserving people with too much power. The less undeserving among our undeservers are deep in dueling soliloquies right now.

"This is getting out of hand. Where did it all go wrong? Pass the gravy. Who knew? It sounded like a swell idea. What did I get myself into? Kill more people. What do we do now? It's their fault."

Tell me how it feels to have the world in your hands without knowing what it's for, or what to do with it.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Permanent Light 

Standing here, balanced on the edge between allegory and fact, I see precisely what the puppet masters fear most.

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