Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Exorcising a Global Hurricane 

As undisputed (balancing) mediator of the world, my first challenge will be to mediate a compromise between the unholy alliance of ruthless preemptive privateers and delusional self-destructive globalists, and the other 99.9% of humanity.

If you're a member of the larger group, you should know that you won't get anywhere with any issue until you compel the smaller group to liberate itself from the profoundly flawed world vision that possesses it and consumes it along with everything in its path.

If you're a member of the smaller group, you should know that you won't get anywhere without help from the larger group. And you need a lot of help.

My beautiful parents taught me that the key to success is cleaning one's secular democratic meritocracy, punctually and on a daily basis. Families that don't teach this to their children often end up raising humanity's nemeses: undeserving people with too much power. The less undeserving among our undeservers are deep in dueling soliloquies right now.

"This is getting out of hand. Where did it all go wrong? Pass the gravy. Who knew? It sounded like a swell idea. What did I get myself into? Kill more people. What do we do now? It's their fault."

Tell me how it feels to have the world in your hands without knowing what it's for, or what to do with it.

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