Thursday, June 29, 2006

Control This 

Human conflict has always been about control.

Slowly, and at the extravagant cost of countless lives degraded and destroyed, the human race has developed and refined formal and informal social contracts governing every sphere of influence.

Social contracts are usually earnest attempts at a compromise to end and prevent conflict. When wisdom prevails, respectable social contracts are respected and the sort of conflict that I’m talking about here is understood to be the pinnacle of undesirability. Unfortunately, wisdom doesn’t have much of a chance to prevail where people have a weak or distorted connection to history.

The people in control of this country’s strategic assets are in the process of “renegotiating” two hard-earned social contracts: one with U.S. citizens, and the other with the rest of the world. The grand prize as imagined by these neofeudalists is a social contract to end all social contracts - on their terms. They are currently attempting to fib, coerce and kill their way to the desired result.

“Fuck humanity; fuck history; fuck everything. It’s ours.”

Here we go again. These are the kind of people that keep misery alive across generations. It seems they don’t understand that progress is non-negotiable. Humanity hasn’t paid so dearly for something that can be snatched away so easily.

Damn them for trying - for what it’s costing and will cost. Their sinister intentions and choice of means are evidence of weak minds and shriveled, necrotic souls. They will fail; it’s already happening.


In my next post I will show you something beautiful. Cross my heart...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

music in silence 

I have something to show you and a lot to tell you. Not now but sometime before the end of the month.

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