Monday, July 24, 2006


Before I entertain and enlighten you with a sincere account of my debauchery, I have to draw a map for you to show you where it's happening.

It begins here with people that believe in God and things like spirits, souls, and life after death. The thing that motivates us is the belief that a redemptive higher order exists beyond this world. We believe it exists because of an elemental connection to it that most people are able to sense. It's a mighty problem that the experience is almost beyond words, (and it doesn't help that the available explanations overflow with unnecessary information.) As we evolve the awareness of the connection, our descriptions of it - and of what it connects us to - evolve.

I shared some of my ideas on this subject with you last year. I described living things as evolving extensions of the Life Force (God) varying in form and function. And I wrote that the Life Force "records" all of the information it receives through our perceptual interfaces.

It doesn’t record when there’s nothing to receive. All living things return a little something to God at the moment of death. All living things except for human beings, that is. We’re the only creatures on this planet that are able to lose that little something all creatures are endowed with. The beauty of it is that God doesn’t make the call. We do. It’s a love thing. And it preserves the Life Force’s integrity. No amount of "moral calculus" can subvert it.

It ends for some people when they cease to exist at the moment of death - precisely as atheists imagine it. The rest are saved without regard to race, beliefs, sexual orientation, etc.

Spirit is the condition of one’s soul. Love is nourishment for the soul.

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