Wednesday, August 23, 2006


If you’re waiting for people like Paul Hackett, Ned Lamont, and Jim Webb to save this country, (and its victims,) I’m afraid that you will be disappointed.

Nothing will change for the better until this political system is reformed by people that truly care about things like democracy, justice, and you. Until then, most Democratic candidates will continue to emerge from the same putrid pit as their Republican counterparts.

The predators have only one goal at this point: to fool you and stall you long enough to permanently strip you of your political power. There is no plan to withdraw from Iraq or to change this country’s foreign or domestic policies. It’s pathetic that the "left" in this country is so easily deceived; all it takes is a public declaration that Bush is a bad boob and Iraq is a bad war.

Some people argue that electing candidates like Hackett, Lamont, and Webb is the first step on the road to reform. And they cite the Republican Party’s 40 year road to power as the example to follow.

Why solve our problems now when we have so much time?

Friends, I’m not here to rush you. I’m here to tell you what I see, show you who I am, and stand beside you through this crisis. If I’m correct about the two trajectories I see, the large one has too much momentum to be stopped, and the small one is the light to rebuild by.

I have begun to prepare myself for the landing.

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