Friday, September 29, 2006

America as Evil Empire 

Wednesday’s junk email from Bob Casey was a thoroughly disingenuous though amusingly syrupy solicitation on his behalf by none other than Barack Obama. It appears that Bob needs more credibility than he can muster by himself and mistakenly believes that Obama still has enough of it to spread around.

America is thoroughly rigged now, and only people that agree to preserve the integrity of the deception are allowed near a microphone or TV camera. Barack Obama isn’t going to save democracy and neither is Keith Olbermann. Do you really believe that the fascist establishment would allow any exceptions to their rule to get near the public? They wouldn't have allowed Pervez Musharraf to plug his new book on the Daily Show if they thought it would threaten their power in any way.

The ones that play with your hope and optimism are actually the most despicable because their role is to deceive you on an intimate level; they help conceal the rape of your spirit so that it can be raped repeatedly and thoroughly. Their role is to say or do something encouraging or "extraordinary" at the exact moment when you’ve had enough, (or when a part of the wicked narrative they follow becomes untenable.)

"Bush is wrong. Just hang in there and everything will work out fine. Dare to hope. We’re so close this time."

Do you wonder how it was decided that the next U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania will be either Bob Casey or Rick Santorum? Who decided to force-feed heaping portions of John Karr to the American public, and why? Do you actually believe that the media pushes a steady stream of celebrity trivia, propaganda masquerading as entertainment, and disinformation masquerading as news because that’s what people want? Guess how many Wal-Marts there are within a 30-mile radius of Pittsburgh.

Not only is American democracy dead - the culture is dead too. The fascists’ belief that democracy and justice can be rigged and freedom faked is poignant evidence that they don’t care about or even understand humanity.

Who decides who America’s friends and enemies are and by what criteria?

It’s not difficult to understand why Hugo Chavez called Bush the "devil," and why some Muslims refer to this country as the "Great Satan." It’s evil to deceive, oppress, torture, and murder people. It’s the epitome of evil to commit those crimes under the guise of virtue. If you don’t understand this, you should make it a point to think about it until you do. American politicians understand it all too well, which is why the bloody hypocrites are so quick to condemn anyone who dares to point it out. The decent people they supposedly represent would find new leaders if they knew precisely why so much of the world is "anti-American."

By the way, kudos to Chavez for brilliantly compelling so many impostors to reveal their true colors. His timing was impeccable.

My father and I watched Downfall together a few nights ago. When the movie was over, his initial reaction was to ask how a nation of civilized, ostensibly Christian people ended up following evil to its natural conclusion. Systematic deception had something to do with it, although the truth wasn’t difficult to find. The fact is that a sufficient number of people were eager to follow evil, and the rest were too absorbed in their own lives or afraid of challenging their country's status quo to stop them. The same dynamic is playing out here in the U.S. If good people don’t intervene, evil will once again find its natural conclusion.

I’ll be damned if I let this place devolve into hell without a fight as long as my family and friends are here.

People who believe that the U.S. is somehow immune to nature and can afford to get away with evil are profoundly deluded. Humanity will force the fascists to be honest. Then, their challenge will be answered and they’ll have to decide if they’re willing to murder most of the human race for rejecting their golden calf. Face it: the only way that the imperialist evildoers can win a war is by committing "nuculer" genocide. They don’t have enough money left to buy all the people they need to kill the ones they can’t buy.

Are you with them or against them? The universe is watching.

I’ll leave you for now with a creepy, emblematic picture of a crook and a clown.

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