Friday, September 29, 2006

Love and Evil 

A couple of weeks ago I saw a fallacious message on a church sign that read: "Love and hate cannot dwell in the same heart."

Love and hate can and do dwell in the same heart because one does not preclude the other. Evil is the true opposite of Love. The message on the church sign would have been correct if it had read: "Love and evil cannot dwell in the same heart." Hate is simply an intense degree of dislike. Love isn't merely an intense degree of like, although one might get that impression by the way the word is mindlessly overused by so many people, (especially in English where it's applied to everything.) It seems that some people can love anything except other people.

Only an aberration of humanity is able to proclaim their love for a TV show or fast food restaurant while condemning other people to torture and death, (but not out of hate, mind you - Christians torture and murder for goodness' sake.) That is evil and I daresay that it's the reason why such a person has no idea what Love is.

It's true that hate can and often does lead to evil, and that's why it's an emotion that one must always be vigilant of. But there's nothing inherently wrong with feeling hatred - especially toward evil and its practitioners. It's possible to recognize a person's humanity and forgive their sins while hating what they are and what they do. It's not possible to simultaneously Love people and perpetrate evil against them. These are things that people who are concerned with their souls should think about and resolve for themselves.

I believe that Jesus was a consummate optimist and idealist who was murdered for what he represented, but I don't believe that he encouraged his followers to allow themselves and their loved ones to be oppressed and slaughtered. And I don't believe that he chastised them for hating evil.

He probably counseled his followers to "turn the other cheek," but he definitely didn't advise people to "offer the other child" to murderers, or "give another city" to a marauding army. The claim that Jesus didn't want good people to resist evil people is laughable. Keep in mind that the Romans gave us the version of Jesus that was in their evil empire's best interest.

The rulers of today's evil empire (as well as the rulers of Russia and China) have a problem with Muslims because Mohammed counseled his followers to resist evil people. The Christofascists want you to believe that Muslims seek to spread Islam by "the sword." The truth is simply that Islam allows its followers to use violence to fight evil. Despite the flaws in Islam, at least it's not a religion of brainwashed doormats and vicious hypocrites, (or indifferent spectators.)

The human race will have to come to terms with these truths in order to achieve its divine potential. The reckoning may be the end of us all.

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