Monday, September 25, 2006

Reject the Illusions 

On Friday morning, I received another junk email from Bob Casey’s campaign asking for money to "stick it" to Rick Santorum and the Republicans. I’ll reply here so you can read it too.

Dear Bob,

I don’t need your money to fight for what I believe in and you certainly don’t need mine. Use your own money if defeating Republicans is that important to you. Considering that the only substantial difference between you and rapacious Rick is party affiliation, it doesn’t really make a difference if you defeat him or not. Considering that both parties are owned by the same despotic interests that control the voting machines, it’s clear that voting has become an exercise in futility. Add the fact that both parties endorse and peddle the same evil imperialist narrative, and the result is that it makes more sense to exhaust one’s resources on a harmless fiction like studio wrestling.

American democracy is dead, and you, Bob Casey, are one of the vultures feeding on its corpse. You and your "opponent" are valueless officially licensed products of the new fascist order. If you believe that this country and Western civilization can survive on illusions, you’re as stupid as you are corrupt.



Friends, the sooner you realize how grave the situation is, the sooner you can begin to do what needs to be done to remedy it. Apply pressure from outside the system. The vultures will use every trick imaginable to keep you playing their game until your political power has been legislated away and Americans can be oppressed with impunity - along with the rest of the human race.


Blog Note: I updated my post from 9/11/06.

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