Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Plus ├ža change... 

I posted the following on Democratic Underground earlier today.
I will always be able to thank "W", Dick, and the gofuckyourselves, for showing me precisely how ugly this religio-nationalist military corporatocracy can be.

Before them, I glimpsed it at times, but was mostly ambivalent. Now I can't get away from it.

Obama is the best smiley face that fascism ever had. But the gofuckyourself constituency isn't satisfied. They want red, dripping meat, and perhaps someone to jerk-off to.
When I started to defend my point, the thread was locked. I'm not surprised. After all, "DU" serves as an organ of the political establishment - a place for "democrats" to exhaust their energy fighting "republicans". While the establishment itself, which is the problem, continues with impunity and fundamentally unchallenged.

Notice that politicians have lots of room to criticize each other, but none for the golden teat that sustains them. There are differences between the two parties - about things that the power elite can accept either way.

On the thread, I was about to tell "MineralMan" that people who can simply start a war should be able to simply end it. But he is correct, in a way, because wars that are started for geopolitical advantage cannot simply be abandoned. "Here's your stuff back. Sorry for killing all those people, and ruining the lives of all those others." One might say that psychopathic criminals aren't "wired" that way.

Another thing I have learned during this decade: when the power elite want something, it happens. And it just so happens that they simply don't want a lot of the things their subjects do.

People that rely on the establishment for meaning and stability are getting a dangerously warped take on reality from a corporate press that is anything but free. The malicious contrivance that masquerades as the media is little more than the anti-human agenda of the corporations that own it. It peddles the "America" brand with the phony, hyper-nationalist, heaven-blessed narrative that goes with it. As if the "interests" it represents give a shit about anything but being on top.

Albert Einstein said, "Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind." The reality is substantially worse. "Infantile diseases" such as racism, nationalism, and religionism are means only to the type of power that requires injustice in order to survive. As with all empires, America owes its power mostly to a combination of good fortune and the ruthless administration of "infantile diseases."

Barack Obama is the power establishment's very own agent of "change." History demonstrates that the most effective way for empires to deal with popular movements is to give the people a version of what they want that can be controlled, and easily defeated if necessary. It is essentially a straw man movement.

It is not worthless, though. Obama's straw man movement is a potentially valuable concession to the real thing. Unfortunately, it is not turning out to be much of a concession. Once again, it appears that "change" is simply a new mask for the same old sinister interests.

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