Monday, April 19, 2010

The Movement for Truth, Justice, and Peace 

The only movement worth a damn was born on the internet in 2002, when it became sufficiently clear to anyone willing to investigate, that the United States of America's exceptionally corrupt leaders were engaged in an exceptionally immoral and profoundly regressive endeavor with no end: power uber alles.

At first, the problem appeared to be almost entirely Republican and conservative in nature, and thus the fight fit neatly into the traditional left-right paradigm. Those of us who identified as liberal, progressive, and Democratic thought it was simply a matter of voting the Republicans out of office. Toward that end we worked for years, from our online communities to the eyes and ears of our friends and families, and anyone else willing to pay attention.

Bit by bit, and despite the efforts of the corporate media, we observed, read, and learned; and we wrote, talked, argued with each other, and protested. Finally, in 2006, our work reached a critical mass and George W. Bush's Republican Party was defeated in the midterm elections. As an acknowledgment of the movement and its victory, that year, Time magazine's Person of the Year was "You". It is worth pointing out here that the "movement" has always been (and should remain for now) an aggregate of like-minded people and not really a movement.

By 2008, the year of Barack Obama's resounding victory and the Republican Party's disgrace, we knew that we were fighting an empire and not merely a political party. Yet, we saw Obama's election as a potentially valuable concession, and let's be honest: the alternative was a promise to escalate the nightmare of the previous 8 years. Even though I was more than skeptical of the empire's intentions, I stopped writing for some time in order to give the "change" a chance.

Almost immediately after President Obama's election, after the empire had exhausted congratulating itself, it began the despicable work of destroying the viability of its Straw Man - the symbol of the forces that elected him, and building its own movement from the most devout of his opponents (presumably for being a half-black Muslim socialist Nazi from Kenya).

Today, in 2010, we know that the American Empire is controlled by a criminally corrupt oligarchy and its corporate mass media machine, and we know that both parties work for it rather than for the people. (That said, the oligarchy does have a distinctly conservative preference.) We saw "our man" get elected with an unprecedented mandate to end the bloody crimes started by his predecessor, only to end up escalating them. And once again, leading up to the midterm elections, the choice politically is between the far right, and whatever else the oligarchs allow.

Measured against truth, justice, and peace, Obama is turning out to be a concession that only a Teabagger should love. And yet, we're compelled to defend him because of the alternative. So be it. We will continue to defend what is defensible and criticize what is indefensible. We have time and we are patient. As long as we continue to pay attention and remain engaged, we will eventually win, and do it without guns or violence. We have the truth now; justice and peace are just a matter of time.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The truth is not negotiable. 

As one of the spokespersons for the only movement worth a damn, it is my opinion that Teabaggers need the truth more than it needs them. I have no interest in making common cause with the rabid dogs on the leash of the criminal imperial oligarchy, and certainly not on the terms of their masters. Let the oligarchs play their dupes against the truth until they're tired of being embarrassed.

Keep in mind that Teabaggers are the people who defended Emperor George's extortionate monstrosities to the very end, and then graduated to Sarah Palin jingoism, behaving badly in public, and threatening violence if they don't get the sort of government that Dick Armey, Rush Limbaugh, Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes, and Glenn Beck tell them that they deserve.

It makes more sense to make common cause directly with the oligarchs and cut out the boorish middlemen.

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