Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Censored yet again. 

For what it's worth, the censors at the Huffington Post, have prevented me numerous times from posting the following response to a thread. If it's juicy enough to censor, it's juicy enough to share. This is in response to EndRacismNow's 1:33 PM response:
The aim of the American Empire is global hegemony, not, to "bully third world nations". The American Empire has many advantages over the Nazi Empire, as well as nuclear-armed enemies to keep it in check. But it is playing the same supremacist game of world domination, and often as ruthlessly. Yes, the British certainly know how to play the game.
I'm up for a good discussion, but it's not going to happen at Huffington Post with the censors breathing down my neck... and that, of course, is the point. The German Nazi Empire was also allergic to free speech.

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