Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And yet again... 

Censored by the Huffington Post again, this time in response to this thread.
I hold Israel to the same high standard that I hold all modern, affluent countries with civilized, educated populations to.

Am I being asked to hold Israel to a lower standard?

I don't spend a lot of time denouncing Muslims, Palestinians or illegal immigrants because that's the work of the empire, its media and its allies. It seems to me that leftists are being asked to complete the chorus in order to enable more war, (against Iran, for example), and oppression. Leftists are actually keeping them from doing many of the things they want to do. That is the reason for their angst.
Being censored by a (privately owned) website that hosts and publishes the written opinions of our elected officials is what privatization means to free speech.

Update: I posted my response again, and it looks like they didn't censor it this time.

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