Tuesday, February 28, 2012

From the Road to Hell 

I wrote something 6 years ago that I need to explain and apologize for. This is it:
"All living things return a little something to God at the moment of death. All living things except for human beings, that is. We’re the only creatures on this planet that are able to lose that little something all creatures are endowed with. The beauty of it is that God doesn’t make the call. We do. It’s a love thing. And it preserves the Life Force’s integrity. No amount of "moral calculus" can subvert it.

It ends for some people when they cease to exist at the moment of death - precisely as atheists imagine it."

Although I am tempted to lie again and tell you that it was a misinterpretation, I will not, because I realize now that I failed precisely where it counts the most. My good intentions were not license or reason to ignore the protests of my soul and deceive you. I apologize for inserting my judgement where it doesn't belong.

The soul is indestructible. God doesn't turn anyone away. Damnation and Hell - the results of our moral failures - exist only in this world.

My credibility is a small price to pay for this truth.

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