Saturday, February 25, 2012

Son of God, Servant of Empire 

It is significantly more impressive and meaningful that it was a human being like you and me that did what Jesus did. The Romans turned him into the "son of God" for a reason: to put him and his enlightened, empowering message into the realm of myth, where they could be denatured, diminished, and controlled.

To be fair and precise, it wasn't the Empire's idea. Over a time period spanning approximately 300 years, the story and wisdom of Jesus was adapted to and blended with a variety of other narratives. The Roman Empire ended up favoring a sect that was established and popular, with a well-defined, superstitious, authoritarian narrative.

As for Jesus having the ability to save your soul by forgiving your sins: it is you, dear reader, who is responsible for saving your soul. The way to do that is to learn to love unconditionally, and that requires learning to forgive the sins of others, (as well as your own).

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