Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Arguing with God 

God's unconditional grace is not easy to accept. It can seem unjust to those using this life as an investment in an exclusive afterlife. Also, the extra layer of control can seem like a good idea, as incentive for good behavior; that is what I struggled with, and why I devised the painless hell of self-erasure by soulicide.

But the truth is that God's grace is unconditional. Everything is forgiven, although nothing is forgotten. There is justice in that.

My attempt to circumvent my vision demonstrated to me how deceptively easy it is to win an argument against God. The thing that makes Jesus special among prophets is that he never won an argument against God.

Like prophets in the Torah, and Saul of Tarsus, Muhammad won some of his arguments for the sake of survival and others for the sake of enforceable power. He correctly defined himself as a prophet, but he did his vision and his followers a disservice by claiming to be the seal of the prophets. He was not the last prophet and messenger of God.

The root of the world's conflict is the competition for primacy between the arguments that a few men won against God.

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