Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Innate Capabilities 

Once upon a time I befriended a bright and lovely man who was sometimes mistaken for an ogre. An admiration for Buckminster Fuller was one of the many things we had in common. The following excerpt is from an official transcript he gave me as a gift; it tells a story that few people know.
Buckminster Fuller at Camberwell
A Lecture Given 19th May 1971

My wife and I were married at the beginning of World War I and just at the end of World War I we had our first baby. She caught spinal meningitis and infantile paralysis which at that time was said to be absolutely fatal and they knew nothing about it and certainly would never know anything about it. She did live until she was four, just before her fourth birthday, and no harm had been done to her head or brain by the fact that she was immobilised, but like every child she wanted to get information around her and she could not go to this point to get this information so she demonstrated the ultimate resource you and I would not think much about if we hadn't been near this child. She learned to get her information from human beings who could walk over there and she listened to them and paid much attention to what was going on. She really learnt very brightly and her vocabulary was extremely good; she had two trained nurses and my wife and I. Time and again we were about to say something to each other and you had this sentence completely formulated and just before you had it out of your mouth she would say it and many times her sentences were not quite the thought she would be generating from her experience and quite clearly she was demonstrating telepathy. I said because her affliction was not genetic she had caught these things, diseases, after her birth and what she was demonstrating is the capabilities all human beings have and they rarely have to have recourse to and all of us have had experiences which you can only use expression but man said we haven't any scientific proof of that so you're puzzled and mystical, but that's about as far as you can go. This child was really giving us such demonstrations that I became very confident that this is an inate capability of all human beings. And so she died and 5 years later our second child was born and that was in 1927 when I was 32. During the sickness of our child I was in the regular U.S. Navy and I had been assigned to the Adriatic Fleet Service and eventually I resigned as this child would have died while I was away and let me get out of the Navy.

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