Friday, March 30, 2012

The Seven Steps of Creation 

  1. Singularity existed containing the potential for everything in the Universe, including space, time, and Mind.
  2. Singularity sacrificed itself to become the Universe.
  3. The potential for Mind, stored in extra dimensions, became Life.
  4. Life developed Mind.
  5. Mind developed self-awareness.
  6. Mind explores its potential. Everything we explore is ultimately an exploration of the mind's potential.
  7. Mind will transcend Life. The solution will involve science and technology not yet imagined.
Everything will be possible when Mind transcends Life; that includes the ability to bring any living thing back to life, from Mind. Until then, there will be no reincarnation. You will not get as many lives as you need to perfect your soul. Be content with the knowledge that it will be added to Mind, within which, your soul can contribute to enhance Life. To build on Martin Luther King's prophetic observation, respectfully: it is the excellence of the souls contributed to Life that bends the long arc of the moral universe towards justice; the greater the number of excellent souls, the shorter the arc.

If your soul is ever reincarnated, it will be the result of a decision made by living beings -- hopefully our descendants. Fortunately for Life's lovers, (the meek), Mind can transcend Life only when it is spiritually prepared for the responsibility.

My apologies, once again, for all the edits; sometimes the language begs to be refined.

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