Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Needle of Truth in a Haystack of Myth 

Jesus believed that it would not take long for the vision to transform the world because he was encouraged by the magnitude of its effect in such a short period of time. He was correct that through his example, in how he faced the ultimate test in the confrontation with the failures of men, the spirit of the vision was resurrected in his followers. They did spread it quickly, and the more people that were killed for it, the more compelling and powerful it became. The Roman Empire and its allies tried and failed to murder the vision out of existence. But time, ignorance and other human weaknesses were on the Empire's side.

My vision involves rescuing the man and his vision from everything that diminishes them. I know that Jesus taught unconditional salvation of the soul in addition to unconditional love for two reasons: first, because the truth of unconditional salvation is obvious enough for even a novice adept to notice; and second, because he proved his goodness with his life. I don't believe that he made the same mistake that I made.

Jesus did not devote his life and death in order to function as the gatekeeper and lord of heaven, let alone a supremacist, exclusivist heaven that doesn't exist.

Taking the keys to the afterlife away from men was one of the primary reasons he was killed.

On a personal note, I apologize for the multiple edits to my posts. It embarrasses me a little, but at least you get to see how much this means to me, and how I struggle with the language to effectively convey what I see and feel. Thank you for your patience.

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