Monday, March 12, 2012

Worship Life 

One of my favorite poems, to help show you why God's grace is unconditonal:
By Richard Schnap

I want to see God cry
I want to see tears like swollen suns
drip down His face
I want to see Him scream
and pound His fists
on the table of His own creation
I want to see Him tear His hair out
dig His nails into His skin
and rip it off, plunge knives
into His arms, slice His veins
and spill His blood all the way down to Hell
I want to know if God is so almighty
that He can end His own life
as easily as turning off a lamp
I want to see Him run through Heaven
with a gun and murder all His angels
pile up their bodies and choke
the pearly gates with their broken wings
I want to know that God really understands
just what it is He created
and if so
I will worship Him more than life itself.

Conditional salvation of the soul would be Satan's masterpiece, if he existed. It is the most unjust and poisonous "argument" ever won at Life's expense. It is also the ultimate affront to God's unconditional grace.

The punishment we condemn ourselves and each other to in this world is the only punishment we're ever going to suffer.

God understands Life. God is Life. Stop punishing God. Worship Life.

Practice Love.

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