Saturday, April 14, 2012

Chosen by God 

Among the many lovely and enlightening spiritual perspectives that I have enjoyed reading during the past two months, the most revealing and meaningful ones for me have been from the rabbis. Through their points of view and their stories, my knowledge and appreciation of their faith tradition and its singular calling have grown considerably.

Judaism is most definitely a product of God's Grace; it is an ingenious, imaginative and compelling way of effectively keeping the spirit of God -- as experienced and recorded by visionaries and prophets -- alive in its followers. Their excellent faith tradition is the reason Jewish people do well as a people and have done so well for humankind. That excellence is the reason why both Saul of Tarsus and Muhammad chose to build their visions on Judaic foundations.

Now I understand what it means to be chosen by God. Although I experience God in a similar way to the visionaries and prophets of Judaism, and much of my native conceptual framework and terminology is a product of Judaism, my vision does not require a Judaic foundation or a claim of being the fulfillment of prophecy.

To be chosen by God means that more is expected of me than of others. As a chosen representative of God's Grace, I am expected to live an exemplary life. To be chosen by God means that I have less room for moral failures than other people; it certainly does not entitle me to undeserved Grace.

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