Monday, April 02, 2012

God is Dead 

The infinite eternal being I call Singularity ceased to exist at the event we call the Big Bang, when, in the ultimate act of faith, It sacrificed Itself to become the Universe.

There is a dimension of Mind that works the physical Universe through Life, but it cannot be considered a being with a singular consciousness; it contains countless souls from all over the Universe, but it is not alive, except through living things.

Without a singular consciousness, Mind is not able to love. The Love that existed in Singularity is woven into the fabric of the Universe as Grace. Through Grace, human beings have developed the ability to Love, making it possible for us to recognize Grace, as well as be guided by it.

I said before that God is revealed synchronistically, through the experience of happening like clockwork. In a convergence of Grace, one becomes the jewel that lights up the machina. The argument is simply the filtering of this experience through intellect and conscience as the message is composed.

The Universe is, ultimately, the means by which Singularity becomes Multiplarity.

A living God -- not the one that created you, but one that evolves from you -- will be responsible for the fate of your soul; you can be sure that It will be guided by Love.

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