Friday, April 27, 2012


The recent, surprising "liberal Zionist" offensive on the Huffington Post demonstrated that the most persistent and significant doubts about Israel's legitimacy originate with the Jewish people. The coordinated effort was a surprise to me because I did not know that liberals need to be persuaded to accept the legitimacy of the State of Israel. Most people, liberals included, accept the existence of Israel as a fact of force, just like every other state is accepted. If Zionism requires more than that from humankind, then Zionists should continue to search their souls.

There is definitely a conflict between the aspirations of Judaism and the reality of Israel, and it cannot be solved by the acquiescence of gentiles.

The only solution that would honor Judaism's covenant with God is to offer Israel as a gift to humankind, naturally to serve as the seat of our species' sapience. The one-international-state solution would be Israel as a fact of Grace, and deserving of much better than mere acquiescence.

By the way, 64 is the symbol of my provenance -- may it be a sign that this is the year Israel will achieve peace.

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