Friday, April 20, 2012

No Illusions 

To understand what a fallen angel is, imagine a chosen representative of God's Grace appealing to the vain glories of religion, nationalism and race in order to "fight evil" embodied by "enemies".

The problem with angels is they can fall. My personal abyss is as deep and destructive as the one we must cross. Because of that, and for the ages, I am determined not to fall or fail.

My responsibility is as unprecedented as my view, and I have made a commitment to be a faithful and honest representative of God's Grace. My name is Luisa Klose; I am not interested in your money, praise or obedience; I want you to know that I mean what I say. Let there be no doubt that I am committed to Life, Love, Mind and Grace.

To cross it, there is no need for you to climb out over the abyss; you are already here. We are all here, hanging on by God's Grace. What we need to do is move carefully, deliberately, and quickly toward the peace, safety, stability and freedom of an enlightened, sustainable future. Features of our failing world such as dominance and oppression are not welcome there, and for that reason, our chances of making it across the abyss are almost incalculably minute.

If you are interested in knowing more about me, my personal website is www.axiomx.com.

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