Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Perfect Catastrophe 

Apparently, there is no better time than on the 42nd Earth Day to tell you about the sorrowful story shown to me by God that begins with 7,000,000,000 people and ends with 2,000.

When worldwide flooding, poisoned oceans, runaway radiation, drought, earthquakes, famine and disease overwhelm a world invested in and crippled by war, an extinction event will occur. Approximately 2,000 refugees will survive aboard a ship by following a course shown to me.

It was my idea that you get a fair warning. The impression I was given is that a warning is practically pointless; I was advised not to be disappointed. Sadly, it seems that the beacon has to literally walk on water to be obvious enough.

Money and power will offer no advantage except to prolong the inevitable. Two thousand people will survive but it will be arduous for the first generations. Imagine what a culling on that scale will do to our species. Attributes such as culture, ethnicity and race will effectively disappear within a few generations.

And, the survivors will fulfill the covenant given to me and refined by them. That future is mine if I want it. The offer is tempting, but nothing can compare with the possibility of saving and redeeming this world and its 7,000,000,000 human inhabitants. Each one of us is the product of an unbroken line of survival and evolution going back billions of years. The loss of one person is incalculable, the loss of seven billion would be...

Assuming that this is, in fact, a fair warning, and assuming that the leadership of this world gets serious, we should have enough time to put our differences aside and create an international framework to surmount the many serious challenges our world faces. There is no time to waste on petty machinations. Those with the upper hand are morally obligated to lead the way with honor from a position of generosity.

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