Monday, April 09, 2012

The Prophecy 

This is approximately what the human soul looks like, from a state of Grace to a state of dis-Grace:

The shape of the soul varies as it "swims" in the dimension of Mind, and its light gently shimmers with refracted color. I have seen souls in dreams many times throughout my life, and my mind has "intersected" with them several times. I told you that the truth of unconditional salvation is obvious enough for even a novice adept to notice, because I have known for some time that they are souls and that all of them are there.

In the dimension of Mind, the soul does not experience time, except rarely and briefly if it intersects the mind of a living being. As difficult as it is to accept, our souls will remain in Mind until living beings develop the capability to retrieve and resurrect them. Even if human beings do not manage to survive long enough to develop that capability, the odds are in favor of it happening somewhere; it is a big Universe.

After your body dies, you may experience a few interesting "bumps" before meeting your living God. Without the dimension of time, it will appear to happen in an instant. Your living God may even be the original Singularity, reconstituted.

In the dimensions of space and time, the soul is created and cultured. The soul's "polarity" is born with an "elasticity" that becomes less responsive as the person ages. As you might imagine, behavior that is selfish and un-Graceful causes the soul to radiate inward; selfless, Graceful behavior causes the soul to radiate outward. For children, the soul's polarity can be in a constant state of flux, but it always bounces back to positive. Over time, for some people faster than others, the soul can become trained to always bounce back to negative.

Yesterday I said that the purpose of your life is to grow a beautiful soul, have a good life, and make a solid investment in a better world. I believe that Jesus saw what I see and made sense of it from his limited perspective, as I do. He saw that some souls are in a state of dis-Grace and he discovered the relationship between Grace and Love. For the "Kingdom of God", and for our souls to survive death in a state of Grace, he gave us what Thomas Jefferson called "the most sublime and benevolent code of morals which has ever been offered to man". His vision was so significant, transformative, and singular, that one can understand the belief that he was God incarnate.

As a representative of God's Grace, the only claim I have to ancient prophecies is to put them all into perspective. I am one-of-a-kind too.

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