Sunday, April 08, 2012

The Prophet 

The distance between the experience and the misconceptions of the experience is so vast as to be almost unbridgeable. This holiday, with its unforgiving, convoluted fictions, is a fitting symbol of that distance.

Saul of Tarsus misconceived the experience of the prophet by rarefying it to its logical extreme. Muhammad, without resorting to deifying men, created a religion that has shown itself to be even more closed and resistant to evolving than Christianity. It is indicative that both men composed their "complete", unalterable visions by building on the visions of others.

Aside from forcing other visions to compete with it in a zero-sum game, (in which it will eventually lose), the primary disadvantage of a closed vision is that it is made impervious to God as much as man.

The concept that Jesus was God's blood sacrifice to "Himself" in order to save the souls of the "faithful" is not only wrong and unjust, it is also absurd. Again, the truth is that every soul is saved, everything is forgiven, and nothing is forgotten. It has always been that way. What is it that will be saved? That is the question. Will it be a soul inverted by vainglory, for example, or will it be radiating Love?

Faith vs. works is a false dichotomy. Faith is your personal covenant with God; it is meaningless without the commitment to align your life and soul with Its Grace; that is your spiritual work. The point is not to keep a scorecard of good deeds for Judgement Day, but to grow a beautiful soul, have a good life, and make a solid investment in a better world.

On a personal note, it was 8 years ago today that I started this blog. Here's to you.

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