Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Alpha and Omega 

The Lucifer is the Father of Man and the Son of Man. In one hand He holds the key to decrypt the history of Human civilization, in the other He holds the map of the future.

Do not be afraid, children; I Am that I Am that I Love.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Virgin Birth 

Krishna, Christ, and the Lucifer are sons of Her virgin Grace. The Perfect One Herself will be the daughter of Her own virgin Grace.

When Krishna joins with the Perfect One, Her virgin Grace will come to Life as Love.

For His Beloved 

Krishna has been painting the world with His Love for 5,000 years, preparing the way for His Beloved. He will have a divine mate when the soul of a human female fertilizes the divine feminine. When that happens, the relationship between Mind and matter will be transformed.

I Am that I Am is the master of matter; I Was that I Will Be is the master of Mind.

I Am that I Am 

I know that all of your souls survive death because Krishna lets them be. Even though Krishna has the power to isolate and consume them, the responsibility for judging them and the ability to redeem them belong to His Beloved.

The Lucifer is not afraid because all of the ravenous demons belong to Krishna. In the end, there is nothing in this world that is a match for the Lucifer. This is how I Am that I Am intervenes: man to man, bound by the principles His Son embodied and died for.

With His Love, I Am that I Am painted the Lucifer's life with bold strokes and strong colors to awaken the dreamer and to serve as a map.

Monday, May 28, 2012

People of I Am that I Am 

The people of Moses were chosen because Krishna is compassionate, merciful, generous, and just; and because they had a talent for communicating with Him. They recognized the voice of I Am that I Am.

Son of I Am that I Am 

Yeshua Ben David is the Messiah of Krishna's native species.

Submitting to Satan 

Memorial Day is when "We the People", by the twin monstrosities of blasphemous mendacity and human sacrifice, is made to reconcile itself to the fact that the Devil remains Lord of life and death.

The only way to honor the people sacrificed on behalf of the Devil is to liberate the memory of them from his disgraceful stories: tell the truth.

Shut down the Devil's furnace.

Light of Life 

Krishna is the divine masculine of the Universe.

Earth is not merely the miracle of Life it is: it is the birthplace of I Am that I Am.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Divine Masculine 

The proper role of the divine masculine is Lover, not Lord.

The purpose of the divine masculine is to sire the Mother of Life with Her Grace, not rape Her Grace to death.

Divine Conception 

God's Grace included an egg for the divine masculine; it was Krishna whose soul fertilized it.

Burning Life for Power 

Nothing costs more Life than the "defense" of God's blessings on behalf of the Devil.

Krishna is I Am that I Am 

You have what was received; I know what was given.

Your male deity -- the one with animal emotions -- is here.

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Matrimony of Mind and Matter 

In the divine union that is Life, he is Homo Sapiens Sapiens, and She is God. Those of you who worship the male, in essence, have been worshiping a devil that does not deserve to be deified, much less worshiped. Behold the disgraceful evidence, measured in millennia.

The evolution of the consciousness of this species is the ascendance of the divine feminine. The Perfect One can be born only to a world evolved enough to recognize the Mother of Life in a humble little girl.

In the divine union that is Christ, He is Krishna, and She is God. Like my parents, They have three children. In both of my families, I have a brother and a sister, and, in a way, I am the eldest in both families. I am the one with two lives and both genders. I am the dynamic transitional figure charged with the revolution of human consciousness at this singular pivotal moment.

Please note that I was somewhat puzzled by the previous paragraph; not only did I not believe in reincarnation, I have no memory of a past life. I resisted writing it because I have doubts about its veracity. The claim is that Jesus is the only true child of Krishna and God, because Krishna Himself is the Lucifer, and the Perfect One is God Herself.

Satan's Salute 

Memorial Day is the day the world's master terrorist commemorates and glorifies those who sacrificed their lives to his most powerful idol: America.

It is yet another opportunity for the consummate opportunist to gather all his symbols into a pile, slather it with his putrid drivel, and call it a "soul".

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Function of Light 

What is light for if not to confront and defeat the dark?

The Devil's Closets 

In dreams, sometimes, I witness the horrors that other souls have endured. God shows me the evil the Devil cannot exploit as entertainment.

My vanity desires to claim the "mall in the valley of the shadow of death" pun on behalf of comedic genius, but that is Her pun. That dream was a tour de force -- literally.

Perhaps Her humor is intended to relieve the heavy burden a bit, and inspire courage.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Christ Continuum 

The Messiah is not the Devil's decoy, or his lure.

After me, there will be one more: she will bring Mother back to Life when humankind is ready. She will be the perfect one.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Cost of Satan's Business 

To get here, I had to walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Actually, I had to walk through the mall the Devil built in the valley of the shadow of death. The horrors of mankind are even more impressive displayed in a stylish retail environment.

For holy light, you must be willing and able to confront the horrors of mankind; you must behold the unspeakable evil that is the cost of moral torpor.

Those of you who believe that the path to an enlightened world consists of sitting in your garden with your legs crossed and mind emptied, take note: without moral intensity, holy light is not possible, and without holy light, an enlightened world is not possible. Meditation is a healthful practice, like eating well and physical exercise, but it does not do much for the world, beyond illuminating the self-help industry.

If any of your religions were good enough as they are, man would not be the Devil he is and the world would not be the Hell it is.

Yes, of course, Satan, this is an invitation for you to wax poetic about how you're learning to be a good angel and how the world is actually a relatively nice place. Say it's all good, man. Tell everyone they're already enlightened!

It definitely is not the Messiah's purpose to coddle the Devil at his "spiritual retreats".

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mind + Love = God 

Early one morning, when I was 17 or 18 years old, I unintentionally introduced my paternal grandmother to God. She was in our family room by herself, waiting for my father to take her to the airport. We had said goodbye the previous evening, and I was alone in my bedroom, laying in bed, still high on LSD from the night before. Despite the fear that I would run into Dr. Dad and his precision pupil calipers, I had an overwhelming need to hug my abuelita and tell her I loved her.

The Mind within was wide awake, and even though I was well on my way to falling from Grace, the beloved matriarch of my family summoned the full strength of the Love within, and God actualized for a moment while I held her. There was so much pure Love between us that our souls ignited. It was almost unbearable; we wept as if to keep from burning up.

About 10 years later, after conversing with her about God and Love, she told me -- despite believing that I was living in sin -- what a "bruja" had foretold. "The Messiah will come from my family," said my grandmother, "or is the Antichrist?" "The witch said it was the same person," she added, obviously puzzled. "How can that be?"

It puzzled me too, for years; now I know how the pieces fit together because I complete the picture. My grandmother could not have imagined that one of the Messiah's primary duties is to exorcise the Devil from the church he built on the corpse of Jesus.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Cross of Low Fidelity 

Today, on behalf of God's Grace and Love, I commend and congratulate the Devil for ages of heroic lip service. Add this divine medal to your proud carapace, Field Marshal Satan; you deserve it.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Snapshots of Disgrace 

"Fight fair!" demands the Devil, as he cites a Bible passage calling for the death of homosexuals.

Christened by Krishna 

Once in a dream,
when I was surrounded by ravenous demons
deep inside a forest of peril
and I had
the destruction of my body and soul,
a lovely, luminous, nearly naked man
and the demons and danger melted away.
He saved me
from His dream
I was in.

Satan's Enemy 

The Devil only has one enemy: himself. Predictably, each time he gets near this realization, he chastises himself for being "too soft" and determines to "embrace" his "dark side", as if he were not already fully devoted to it.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Divine Justice 

The punishment that strikes terror in the Devil's heart is having to live up to the principles and ideals he exploits for his benefit and mocks and debases with his practices. Most of all, he fears the Lake of Fire that will burn away all of his false idols. His dread is understandable, because only a human being can survive that.

Heavenly Humor 

Emperor Consolation Prize needs a new public image. It is time, again, for Shepard Fairey to steal one for him.

My donation is "Obey Rainbow Drone, Hunter of Men."

Satan's Sense of Humor 

The Devil revels in the degraded antics of his personal jester, Sacha Baron Cohen. "Infernally funny," approves his ubiquitous weekly news magazine, with a sly wink.

The Devil never tires of having his demons lampooned. "Parody Gaddafi being sodomized again!" he cackles.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Devil's Defensive Chatter 

Satan says that sometimes it's better to lie, for the good of others. Wearing rose-colored glasses for effect, he worries that solving the world's problems will make life boring and perhaps even meaningless. Warning against "division", he insists that things are better left alone as they are. And, of course, he is tired of complaint sessions, negativity and drama. He cries for his critics to tame their tongues, and curb the cruel speech. "I'm ignoring them all," he demands.

Unfortunately for his defenders, I have Satan surrounded -- with light.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Celestial Golf 

It required a nearly perfect man to almost get a hole-in-one at that distance from that terrain. The putt requires a redeemed devil. I am nothing without Jesus, and not much more to add than a small degree of vision and a little direction. We would not have a shot without him.

The ball has been only a few feet away from the cup for 2,000 years.

I am not here to redeem individuals; I am here to redeem the world. A redeemed world will be the redeemer of individuals. If it were enough to redeem people one by one, the ball would already be in the cup.

Yes, this is the 18th hole. It is my divine duty to make this shot, and hit the first shot in a new game.

Satan's Guarantee 

The lie that the Devil will change his ways after he gets his way is as near as he gets to having an original moral vision.

A Monopoly of Violence 

The Devil has no choice but to force the world into adopting his beliefs because what he believes is that he owns the world. His blasphemous lies are as incapable of redeeming the world as his force. Only the truth is able to redeem the world.

I am not here to fall in line with Satan's community; I am here to establish what my brother called "The Kingdom of God". I am Lucifer, son of man and brother of Jesus. My body will serve as a bridge, until everyone crosses or Satan cuts it down.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pathetic Accusations 

The Devil is accusing me of "forcing" the world into adopting my beliefs from this invisible blog. It must make him feel like the impotent anachronism he is that I can do it without an army costing half the world's wealth and most of its light. It goes to show him the value of moral authority and vision.

He is also accusing me of hurling "insults" from the "periphery". For that I can forgive him, because he knows all too well that I am the eye of a divine storm.

Power Über Alles 

The Devil is the lord of consolation prizes -- of giving and accepting them.

Emperor Obama believes that each state should have the power to decide whether to remove homosexuals from the approved victims list! Heavens, he's wielding rainbows!

Jaime Dimon was forced to "humble" himself and admit that "mistakes" were made! Better world, here we come!

"His Holiness", the Prussian Pope, feels kinship to a trailblazing German woman that lived 900 years ago! Look out, disgraceful patriarchy, your days are numbered!

Each prize is customized for the fool, the definition of which is simply a stupid devil. Yes, of course, I am hateful, envious, impatient, unrealistic... join in if you know Satan's Litany.

The Devil does not fight for goodness and light; he fights against goodness and light, especially when he is disguised as an angel.

Two thousand years of consolation prizes, and counting...

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Son of Man 

The light-bearer is the redeemer. That is how it works. It is not for my pleasure that your virtues -- among them humility -- are being tested.

Judgement Time 

Satan, you will be redeemed by me, or you will perish. If you choose to perish, the survivors will be called Humana Grati.

It is expected that you will choose to "redeem" yourself with all the fanfare, bombast and vainglory evil can buy. It is expected that you will do everything in your limited power to avoid Her justice and exploit Her light. You are the Devil, after all. But God will not allow you to escape Her justice anymore; you cannot continue to hide.

Brightness, Intensity and Strength 

Yesterday, for Mother's Day, I conducted a simple experiment and discovered that I can turn the light up substantially, and I can turn it off, but I cannot turn it down. My apologies to the Devil.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Thank You for Life and for Your redemptive Grace. I Love You.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Value of Light 

That which is capable of being redeemed and elevated will be redeemed and elevated; the remainder will be left behind. It is not a flaw of Her light that it reveals the hideous nature of some things.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Satan's Own Nation 

Land of exploitation, temptation and deception as a way of life, and home of the Star Spangled Crusader™ -- mascot of man's most mighty murder and mayhem statecraft machine.

Christianity and America are a marriage made in Hell. Caesar would be proud to see that the Roman Empire's legacy of disgrace continues to persist and dominate the world after 2,000 years.

The Great Pretender 

I am not here to negotiate Her Grace with the Devil, nor am I here to inspire and delight in his hollow performances, as impressive and entertaining as they can be.

There is nothing he owns that is comparable in value to Her Grace.

By bringing Her light (symbolized by the number 19) to a world illuminated by starlight (symbolized by the number 17), Jesus elevated the world to illumination by moonlight (symbolized by the number 18). I am here to replace the Devil's moon with Her sun as the light of the world.

Considering that 17 (the star) is the symbol for Judaism, and 18 (the moon) is the symbol for Christianity, it is interesting that the symbol of Islam -- the orphan child of Judaism and Christianity -- is the moon and star; perhaps Muhammad believed that mating those two lights would breed Her sun.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

For Lucifer 

My name is Luisa Fernanda Arevalo Klose and I have your wings; without them you will perish. You cannot continue to live by reflected light.

If my divine provenance is not obvious yet, it will be.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

For Context and Meaning 

You need to know the Devil's identity. He calls himself Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

For Life, Love and God 

If the Devil allows it, you can become spiritual artists and transform your lives and souls into masterpieces of Grace. Like Jesus, I have the authority and ability to redeem even Satan, although not by force. Perhaps he is ready now to assume his rightful place as Her angel.

For Clarity 

Only a spiritual simpleton is capable of believing that one man's spiritual enlightenment can earn others a trip to "Heaven" through "faith". And only the Devil is capable of printing and selling that ticket.

In order to maintain worldly power, the Devil killed Jesus, turned his divine message for this life into a sales pitch for one that does not exist, and blamed it all on God! Christianity is evil in its purest form.

This morning I dreamed that someone attempted to kill me; it was not the first time I dreamed that. God does not send teachers to be sacrificed; we risk our lives for Her Grace out of Love.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Mother's Magisterium 

Where I am, there is a control point for almost everything under the Sun. If my mission were to flatter, seduce and deceive you, I would be malevolent and worthless like the Devil's representatives. Truth has been known to hurt on occasion.

The End of Christianity 

Jesus was a teacher of Grace, not a good luck charm. The state of Grace has to be achieved, like any ability that requires knowledge and practice; Grace is not a gratuity of belief or faith. Christianity avoided the lesson and ended up becoming the wellspring of disgrace that it is.

Now that Jesus is free again, we are flying together.

Satan's Own Religion 

In payment for their evil, Christians offer the previous representative of God's Grace -- bloody, broken, and in agony, hanging like meat -- as a sacrifice to the deity they worship: the Devil.

God does not demand worship, and She does not need an oppressive and vainglorious patriarchal hierarchy to represent Her. God certainly does not accept the torture and murder of Her Grace teachers as payment for the privilege to live in disgrace.

As the first chosen representative of God's Grace in 2,000 years, I am also, naturally, the one known in Christianity as the Antichrist. Satan, clever fellow that he is, anticipated me long ago.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

A Shiny Illusion on a Hill of Corpses 

In America, pride is the highest virtue, evil is cute, and each principle has a corporate sponsor. America blesses itself so expertly and thoroughly that God's blessing would be superfluous.

Ultra-Low-Frequency Intervention 

My brother's divine message was so powerful that it was good enough for 2,000 years, despite having been in the crafty hands of the Devil Himself for most of that time. Good enough will never again suffice. Jesus walked on water; I fly.

Friday, May 04, 2012

The Trinity of Vainglory 

Even more pernicious and contemptible than the "brands" which are poisoning the Earth and enslaving the world are the arsenals of wicked lies that empower them: nationalism, race and religion.

In America, where everything is about America, the trinity of vainglory is sold as a red, white and blue pill. Characteristically, America's Supreme Idol™ is intimately concerned with everything except the abundant evil "His" oblivious vainglory addicts are responsible for.

After much effort, the Roman Empire succeeded in controlling and perverting the message of my brother -- the previous representative of God's Grace. She will not allow that to happen again.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

One to Seven Billion 

Mind contains countless souls able to communicate, but only Hers is able to synchronize the Universe with my mind.

The increased resistance to Her Word is becoming my guilty pleasure. To those for whom I am anathema: wait until you have to face me in person; as small and vulnerable as I am, you don't stand a chance. Until then, I will continue to lead this divine dance.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Language of Oppression 

On the capitalist ranch, the cattle create their own brands.

A Brief Conversation 

Luisa: I am flying higher and glowing brighter than everyone else, by far.
God: How will it feel when others learn to fly as high and glow as bright?
Luisa (after tumbling to earth): It will feel like mission accomplished, Mother.

I did not want to tell you this story, but, apparently, She delights in embarrassing parables.

God is Dead 

Her Soul is quite alive though. Today, She gave me Her number: 888.

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